Los NFT abrieron un nuevo mundo para el vínculo entre los artistas y los coleccionistas, caracterizado por la posibilidad de contacto directo y el espíritu de colaboración.

NFT opened up a new world for the bond among artists and collectors, characterized by the possibility of direct contact and spirit of collaboration.


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Satori is the state of intuitive, sudden and indescribable enlightenment, the moment when only the present exists.
Collection of 9 moments in which satori transformed into these photos.

Antarctica feeling

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Antarctica is a world in its own.
Each person feels it in a very personal way.
Some people enjoy and feel tranquility there, others suffer and feel alone or anxious.
I made 30.000+ photos in Antarctica in 2 different trips.
This is the one that best represents my vision and feelings in this unique continent.

Perception rules

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The Uyuni Salt Fields (Bolivia) are the biggest and highest salt fields in the world.
During the rain season the landscape becomes unreal and magical, with reflections that defy our senses and perception.
When you let yourself go, and feel and flow with this magical and natural spectacle, satori could happen, and images like this connect your brain with mother nature.
Is this real? or is it only in my head? Does it matter? Just feel and enjoy.
This photo is part of the Satori collection.

Sacred tree

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Pehuen, or Araucaria, is a sacred tree for indigenous people in the Andes of Argentina and Chile.
I had this picture in my mind for several years.
In 2021, in my first trip after the unwelcome pandemia, I decided to go for it, transform it into reality.
After several days looking for a lonely pehuen with the proper southwest orientation to combine with the Milky Way, I found it a couple of days before my return home.
I decided it had to be that night. Nature always reward those who have positive energy.
Afternoon clouds disappeared and by the time with reached this spot back (around 2 am) the Milky Way and the Pehuen were together, waiting for me, so I could transform my imaginary picture into this one that I am sharing with you.
This photo is part of the Satori collection (taken at the Aluminé Lake, Neuquén, Argentina).

Magic light at Arita Cone

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Cono de Arita (Arita Cone) is a natural elevation in the Arizaro Salt Field in Salta, Argentina.
At 3,600 meters high, getting there is not easy nor comfortable.
Puna (meaning “height region”) welcomes only those who dare to accept it with no conditions, knowing that nature always rules, and we are just as important as any salt grain the this field.
When you accept the rules of nature you can feel and enjoy its magic and satori moments as this happen.
This photo is part of the Satori collection.

Heaven on earth

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We do not see what is real. We see what we want, expect to see.
This is the way our visual system works, like it or not.
When I learned this I stopped chasing “reality”, and a new world appeared in front of my eyes.
I did not have to only walk, I could fly, I could let imagination go … and I discovered satori time and time again, guided by the magic and nature and newly opened feelings.
This photo is part of the Satori collection (taken at Salinas Grandes, Jujuy, Argentina).